Monday, January 17, 2011

From Weer'd World...Pro-Rights or Anti-Democrat?

Sometimes, someone ELSE will write something so pithy or timely that other efforts cannot help but be lesser. With permission from Weer'd, I bring you this posting of his..

So I have been talking with Jeff Katz of the Jeff Katz Show (A great morning drive show in a city where the Morning drive is Split between Don Imus, and Convicted Felon Tom Finneran, but even against those jerks he’s top notch, so don’t think I’m damning with faint praise. Its the morning drive news radio that keeps this blog rolling, and I thank Jeff for his great show, and I also thank Jeff and his staff for sending me the Larry Pratt Interview that I first talked about here.

LarryPratt0111Click here to listen to the clip, right click to save.

You should listen to the whole thing, but if you must, skip to the 4:00 mark to hear him admonish the Congresswoman who is currently recovering in the hospital for not supporting the 2nd Amendment enough, and supporting Nancy Pelosi. At 4:50 he actually states the party affiliation of the shooting victims as if that is the least bit relevant.

I’m sorry Larry, but from all I can gather you are a 2nd Amendment supporter second, and a Democrat hater first. While I myself am a Republican I strongly stand that the 2nd Amendment (as well as the rest of the Bill of Rights) are NON PARTISAN issues. On top of all of that, you showed a level of insensitivity that I found quite repulsive.

Listen to the interview, then re-read my call for everybody to drop their GOA Membership. They are not an organization that people who respect the 2nd Amendment should support.

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