Sunday, June 6, 2010

Support Your Local Cop....or not?

Seems the Red & Black cafe down in Portland demonstrating a rare brand of leftist lunatic fringe bone-headedly short-sighted bigotry/activism, telling police they are unwelcome under any circumstances at the establishment in question - that if they are robbed, they will call the neighbors, because in their view cops are trigger-happy thugs who might *notice* their self-proclaimed clientele consists of eco-terrorists animal rights activists, homeless advocates, and environmentalists.

It seems unlikely that anyone in authority in Portland is raptly reading this blog (frankly, I'd expect to see flights of winged monkeys circling the White House, first), but I'd urge them to some extent to take the proprietors of the Red & Black at their word - limiting police presence solely to a large and deeply curious contingent of investigators given that there's such a rich field of potential suspects apparently comparing notes over coffee at the cafe.

It'd probably be a bit tacky to post on area phone poles signs reading "Police will not respond to or investigate burglaries, arson, or vandalism committed at the Red & Black Cafe at the owners request"...but I'd be a tad amused should such occur.

Sometimes, justice is letting folks have what they ask for - in great big barrels.

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Lokidude said...

The comments on that article were priceless, painful, and eye-opening.