Thursday, June 17, 2010

More NRA betrayal & backfill...

We didn’t “sell out” to Nancy Pelosi or anyone else. We told Congress we opposed the bill. As a result, congressional leaders made a commitment to exempt us from its draconian restrictions on free speech. If that commitment is honored, we will not be involved in the final House debate. If that commitment is not fully honored, we will strongly oppose the bill. - NRA Statement per Snowflakes, 6/17/10

So, "if you give us an exemption for us and nobody else, we won't oppose the HR 1575 in the final hearings" isn't a quid pro quo? Come now, if you're going to spin, at least try for competency...or recognize it for a bad job and give it up.

Yes, the NRA sold out. And now they are trying to double down. If you are reconsidering your membership in the NRA, may I suggest another fine organization...without the history of betraying its members...the Second Amendment Foundation as worthy of membership. If you recall, the fine folks that brought you Heller - somehow without throwing any constitutional rights under the bus.

I'd point out their life membership cost is much more reasonable, they are much more attentive to membership concerns, and don't have nearly the history of self-inflicted wounds that the NRA displays.

If you get the hint I'm just a bit bent out of shape, you might just perhaps be right. My position on HR 1575 has not changed since my last post - when one of our most potent defenders stands aside and says "we got ours, you're on your own" when at no real cost to themselves they could have stopped vile treachery in its tracks without a shot fired - why yes, I do think it reasonable to take exception.

I am reconsidering my NRA membership and since I have my life SAF membership, debating what other group I should give my allegiance to if the NRA doesn't pull back from this massive blunder.

GOA? Open-Carry?

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