Friday, June 18, 2010

A bit of housekeeping....

NEW on the blogsite is a bleg button, courtesy of the fine (and pro-gun/libertarian) folks over at Gunpal. If you enjoy what you read here, and would like to shower a little cash upon the Snark Production on the link!!

Now, on to our next bit. Someone we all know is running for office (not a surprise to a lot of folks) over at Reluctantly Republican. He's running against the incumbent for a seat in the Washington House of Representatives in the 34th District (Position 1). There should be a statutory-compliant donation form up there in a day or two.

Finally, a bit on the personal front. The electric car gig continues, but I remain open to other offers. The present gig is looking up, with highway speed cars now available for order (and driveable NEV's also now available). All I can say is that I'm immensely grateful to wave goodbye to some of the older models.

Mom slowly is improving, pulling out of her grieving and medical recovery process, begrudgingly becoming independent and returning to independent locomotion. She's able to make it through the grocery store on foot now, but will still making a tottering bolt for the electric cart at the slightest excuse.
The new car (Cooper Mini) is working out well for her...and she's still looking for a home for her Miles Electric (12k, anyone?).

Onwards and upwards!!

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