Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will there still be blogs?

I don't have quite the gift of Stingray at such things...but, given this, I'll give it a whirl.

You pig-fucking, monkey-fellating, scat-fondling, snake-rimming unpatriotic nimrods. You treasonous, cretinous wretches - have you grown bored with fondling yourselves and your interns? We've grown used to your having the morals of rabid badgers in heats, the ethics of a rattlesnake, and the appetites, intellects, and sensible attitudes of rhinoceri with severe mental deficits. But you go to far.

I write my blog, and I write it to please me. If folks give me money or sponsor me, that is between me and PERHAPS my readers. Buyer beware, and anyone without enough skepticism, particularly in a nation accursed with you and your ilk as what passes for a leadership class, to consider the possibility is likely to stupid to worry about.

That you rock-headed dipshits, you dingleberries on the body politic, have simultaneously erupted into public office not unlike a veritable plague of pustulent boils upon the buttocks of the nations citizenry is to some extent our fault as citizens.

We have let you buy us off with bread and circuses, with baubles, and then baffle us with bullshit - as it's been a very long time indeed since any significant number of you asshats have had what it takes to blind us with your brilliance. We have bought into it as you've thrown sops to various special interest groups and spent the majority time posturing, junketing, and looking busy.

Now, with the DISCLOSE Act winding its way through once-august halls now sullied by your very presence, that vile bit of legal deception attempting to evade the First Amendment in a transparent attempt to silence your critics in the blogosphere and elsewhere, simultaneously seeks to reward those that wave pom-poms as you hie about your treachery.


We will not be silent, nor will we be silenced. I, and other like-minded persons, will write on the 'net and elsewhere, speak as we wish, and do so as we drive you like diseased vermin towards the ballot box where you will be driven from office - in all likelihood, all too often, the good with the bad, but so be it. None of you are indispensable, and every incumbent is now suspect.

November is coming. Start making retirement plans.


Christina LMT said...


JRebel said...

Amen, GC.

CalvinsMom said...

*hoists lighter; sways dramatically*

Scott McCray said...


Thank you.

Old NFO said...

Amen Brother!!!

Redarious Rush said...

Um... didn't quite catch your feeling on this matter..... :P

VERY elequently put!!