Saturday, May 8, 2010

Atomic Nerd & Salamander Epic NRA Wear

Screw it. I can't do any better. I will, on the other hand, simply copy and link across 'cause it really is that good. Go, buy, see if you can get some of the amazing Atomic Nerds Hot Cocoa mix as a prize!


I’m not, but you know who is? H-S Precision is going to have a booth on the convention floor. If you’re adverse to link clicking, don’t forget that H-S Precision’s catalog once carried an endorsement from Lon Horiuchi, the federal sniper who shot Vickie Weaver at Ruby Ridge. Think it was just a fluke that slipped through the layers and layers of catalog editorial oversight? Think again.

So for the stylish convention attendee who feels the urge to remind folks not to do business with such class acts, I present the first ever Atomic Nerds Merchandising Boondoggle! (I’m new to this zazzle thing. If something didn’t come out right, a wizard did it.)

For a bonus, anyone who pisses off the HS employees on the con floor enough to get a black eye while wearing this shirt gets a free batch of our cocoa mix and peanut butter cookies. Happy convention going!


For more quality merchandise and good reading sprinkled with Awsum Sauce, visit Atomic Nerds, home of LabRat & StingRay.

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