Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And so it begins...

One of the key rules in politics and in life is to never push an enemy into so far into a corner that they either have no reasonable way out, or believe they have no reasonable way out. A good corollary of nearly equal importance is that you should always try and leave a surviving opponent with a reasonable amount of "face" and dignity.

The current administration and their co-conspirators are apparently unaware of these rules, or seriously underestimate the character and number of folks they are angering.

Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts was a *hint*. So was the public rejection at the Utah GOP convention of Senator Bob Bennett as that parties fall candidate for the Senate race.

Tonight, we see the eviction of 45 year Senate inhabitant and party-jumper, Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania primary. In Kentucky, Rand Paul took out the GOP establishment candidate handily. A Democrat narrowly squeaked by in the special election to fill Murtha's House seat.

Both parties need to worry, but, the (D) probably needs to worry more. There's a notably cranky giant out there, twitching in his slumber...and he may or may not be terribly discriminate about party membership when he lays about him with his terrible swift sword come the elections this fall.

The GOP would be well advised to start aligning itself with Libertarians and folks in the Tea Party movement - or risk becoming irrelevant.

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