Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Testing for Effect

Well, RobAllen over at Sharpest Marble suggests the ultimate hit generator is a image of a revolver with testicles while commenting that the best the anti-gun crowd has to offer in the way of arguments are genitalia jokes - what with being bereft of logic and analytical thought.

JayG, on the other hand, of Marooned in Massachusetts (poor man), suggests that writing of the mighty idiocy of gun laws in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts is even more potent in generating new readers. Verily, the gun laws of Massachusetts do indeed make little sense, being composed largely of equal parts of idiocy, malice, hoplophobia, and auroch dung...but there's a reason folks are bailing the hell out of that state.

And then Ambulance Driver is always a good read...and once you scroll past his show report, there's a tidbit that most journalists need tattoo'd on their foreheads...

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