Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On a more serious note...

I like where I work. I like the folks I work with. For the most part, I even like the customers. I get good benefits. I believe, if perhaps for what some folks would consider the wrong reasons, in the core mission of the operation both as a profit-maker and a socially good thing.

But I just did my taxes.

I don't *want* to go anyplace else, employment-wise. On all but a single front, it's a pretty good gig at many, many levels. But the numbers are calling me stupid, and I'm having a difficult time with counter-arguments.

For the moment, the best strategy is to give my best every day...and keep my eyes open.

And local job market wasn't all that special even before the WA legislature decided it was better to pass a 390-million economy-buster tax package than make the tough but necessary cuts to the state budget.

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