Sunday, August 17, 2008

Common Sense in Texas...

I first read of it via Drudge (via a link to a media source which shall never be named), and confirmed it in other Reuters based news stories, before reading of the Harrold School District in N. Texas in Lawdogs blog entry.

Seems Sup't. David Thweatt, with the unanimous approval of his school board, has instituted a bright shiny new policy in his District. Teachers and staff who lawfully hold a Texas CPL, complete additional training, and are individually approved by the board will be authorized to carry a concealed firearm in the classroom, at school events, and on school premises.

Thweatt's insightful comments pointing out the general dimness of publicizing the presence and location of a large population of folks made vulnerable by nothing less than the heavy hand of the law have been covered somewhat, but not as thoroughly as one might hope.

In any case, I wrote the good Superintendant to offer a bit of moral support..and it seems he's only gotten fifty or so such e-mails (and three rather less supportive ones). Might I suggest if you agree with the actions of Thweatt and his board, that an email in his general direction might be a worthy effort?

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