Thursday, June 2, 2011

Misbehaviour II

At this point, I think we've all heard of the killing of Jose Guerena (also here, from ABC News)by members of the Pima County Sheriff's SWAT team (under the top quality supervision of one Sheriff Joe Dupnik - here, here, here, etc).

In light of the changing story (first Guerena fired a weapon, then he didn't; then the weapon was found feet away, on safe; next?) one is almost forced to wonder about the possibilities of cover-up when a law-abiding father and husband soaks up 60 rounds of police fire...and the best the officers can come up with is that he possessed perfectly lawful to own clothing, armor, guns, and ammunition.

For an insightful analysis of events on that fateful day, visit ConfederateYankee. Until then, I'm with Tam in describing Pima County SWAT as thugs wearing clown shoes. It's bad enough to greet St. Peter prematurely. To have to explain you were sent by thugs wearing clown shoes is a bit much.

Hopefully, Dupnik can be abolished in the next election...and a thorough house-cleaning take place shortly after.