Saturday, February 26, 2011

On 2012 (and even, 11/11)

(Someone commented "Why can't we get cool 2A laws like Wyoming?"...I responded.)

I'd mention, in passing, the difference in who holds the majority in the Wyoming State House and Senate....

Wyoming House: 50:10 (R:D)
Wyoming Senate: 26:4 (R:D)
Governor (R)

Now, when we look at Washington, we see:

WA House: 36:62 (R:D)
WA Senate: 22:27 (R:D)
Governor (D)

To get the kind of results the kids in WY are getting, we rather obviously need to flip at least one (and by preference, both houses and the statehouse) house to "Not-a-Democrat". Tea Party, Libertarian, GOP (except RINO edition) are all better bets than the average Democrat to be pro-2A.

The first step in making this happen is either running ourselves, or finding electable pro-2A candidates (with particular and special focus on districts with weaker Democrats and known RINO's) to run for offices. While we do this, we need to look at not taking out the Dem's that *are our friends* in the 2A discussion - I specifically suggest State Senator Tim Sheldon as an example of a Democrat that's long been a friend to gun-owners. I suggest consulting with Joe Waldron (who knows all things legislative) in such a pursuit.

We have 10 months (at the outside) to generate viable pro2A candidates. We then have 6 months to raise serious money to support them - from then on in, while some fund-raising remains a viable option, for the most part it's *spending* money...

Look at the numbers, and recognize that it probably takes about 30k (minimum) to run a winning campaign against a long term incumbent...and that's why, if we want to flip 8-9 Senate seats, we need to start getting serious about candidate recruitment, PAC formation, and fund-raising right about yesterday.

This isn't written to be discouraging, but is my best analysis of "how do we get what the lucky kids are getting over in WY?". Basically, it's a lot of hard tedious work for a long term win...part of which will include changing the fundamental culture of state government.

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Old NFO said...

Good idea GC, but I don't know that you could FIND that many viable candidates in WA... It's gone pretty much hard left with the CA transplants.