Friday, December 3, 2010

More objectionable TSA follies

Well, in a demonstration of vindictiveness & pettiness, we again have the TSA as the starring villain, selecting out those who would dare to disagree for harassment.

Not surprisingly, all of this TSA fun has begun to inspire local governments, like Colorado Springs, to consider using private security on the theory it can't help but be better.

While I regard reports out of with gentle skepticism, their editorial/report suggesting that CNN reporter Drew Griffin was placed on the terror watch list(s) as a punitive measure after doing a critical piece on the TSA...does have going for it that it's certainly in character for our current TSA.

This isn't a new problem - it was bad two years ago, a year ago, and only recently has it really come to a head as a result of the TSA choosing the wrong victim - one with a voice and attorneys - to harass.

The question becomes "when will we abolish the current TSA madness and bring criminal charges as appropriate?" with the followup, "when will common sense be brought to bear? "

Let's all stay stirred up on this one...

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