Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Federal Mission Creep

Two sources, one subject today - seems the TSA isn't the only objectionable body trying to ever broaden its reach and exempt itself from constitutional limitations...Federal Communications Commission, STEP RIGHT ON DOWN...

As brought to us by the fine folks at the Columbia School of Journalism, it seems that FCC Chairman Michael Copps (text of speech) proposes a Public Value Test prior to renewing broadcast media licenses, which, given the petty and punitive nature of this and other administrations seems likely even with the best of intentions by those who would create such an abomination, seems likely to swiftly (at lightspeed, say) to generate into a club for use by the administration du jour to bully media into complying with their publicity whims...and substantially interfere with first amendment rights of the broadcasters.

Copps Public Values Test would include evaluations based on stations contributions to Meaningful Commitments to News and Public Affairs Programming, Enhanced Disclosure, Political Advertising Disclosure, Reflecting Diversity, Community Discovery, Local and Independent Programming, and Public Safety.

Can anyone see any overly broad definitions here that a collection of crack-addled myopic microencephalic couldn't drive a fleet of B-17's through?

To quote Alan, "If he really wants an infrastructure that will serve the people they can turn off all the broadcast stations, auction the spectrum and disband the FCC. The result will be a FAR better infrastructure than the 1920 style socialist system we... have now."

Day By Day really has it right here.

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