Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dating phases...

In conversation w/ a friend, the importance of communication in romantic (and other relationships) came up...and it's my observation that while most folks are either less over-analytical about it or less formal in their statements, that there's a pattern here...

1) Coffee is nice
2) WOOHOO wild sweaty sex is GREAT
3) Um..are we a thing or just having hot sweaty naked fun?
4) Monogamy or other mutually agreed upon arrangement
5) Hire attorney, cautiously create legal structure to protect both parties in relationship and ensure proper ability to mutually support each other...(among the heterosexual, this is dramatically less complex, at least in the set-up phases - I believe they call it "marriage").

Steps 2-4, without LOTS of communication (should things get that far) are at best dreadfully confusing and where an awful lot of potential relationships tend to come flinging apart.

That will be all.


Lokidude said...

Even after step 5, communication is critical, or things come flying apart, and in expensive fashion. And if you've gotten that far, you'd best be emotionally invested, which makes the flying apart suck all the more.

Christina LMT said...

Hah! Good to know.