Friday, April 2, 2010

Seattle Fireworks Saved....

Recently the call went out on a local radio show that for the first time in ninety years (barring war-time intermission) Seattle would be without a Independence Day fireworks event. Suddenly, corporate entities and private persons stepped forward, as covered in the Seattle Times, and provided the necessary cash to make the event happen.

In the comments section I responded to various forms of vitriol.

First, it's a grand thing when a group of folks can come together to save a treasured community tradition such as the July 4th Fireworks and speaks well of the underlying spirit of uncompelled generosity amongst Seattle's corporate and private citizens.

Second, *it's their money*, whether they are private persons or corporate entities, and they can and should decide to spend it on causes, events, and priorities they support.

Third, sometimes, when you disagree or take exception, the best policy is to just shut up and either be elsewhere or take it like a grown-up - in the interests of letting others take some joy which has no great surplus thereof. Those sufficiently small of heart and mind as to be unable to see or accomplish this relatively simple task are worthy of condemnation as prigs, spoilsports, and killjoys.

Fourth, many of us, even in Seattle, do celebrate Independence Day in the traditional spirit - thankful for the nation we have (or have had, depending on your viewpoint of the current administration and the historical comparisons you may or may not draw), and grateful for the sacrifices of Lexington, Concord, Gettysburg, Doughboys and GI's, and the seldom sung warriors of the Civil Rights movement.

Fifth, before you protest, remember it was those sacrifices that bought and kept your right to protest, to free speech, freedom of the press, and the rest of the panoply.

Just once, let us be gracious and thank the assorted donors for gathering together the necessary funds in a community spirit seldom seen since the divisive Vietnam era, and helping to keep the lights on in Seattle.


Old NFO said...

Ye Gods, you've got some 'real' winners up there GC...

AM said...

GC, your post reminded me of the New Testament,

When Mary Magdalene washed Jesus' feet some of the Disciples argued among themselves that the perfumed ointment would have been better sold and the money donated to the poor.

When Jesus taught the parable of the owner of the field who hired workers at different times of the day for the same pay, the workers grumbled that those who worked longer should get more pay.

Jesus answer in both cases was basically the same, a rough paraphrase would be "It isn't yours to grumble about."

It is as old as humanity to think that we have some right to other peoples wealth...

Sorry to get all religious on you, but I completely agree with your response to those that grumble about what isn't theirs to grumble about.