Sunday, June 14, 2009

King County exec race centers on budget skills

In today's Seattle Times, the article King County exec race centers on budget skills comments on how the County Executive races is less (at least thus far) about expensive "Big Dreams" than about alleged managerial skills, with candidates actually speaking about "cuts" vs. "cuts AND increased taxes".

In an area rapidly becoming famed for the babysitting thoroughness of the local nanny state, the mention of actual reduction of services and such revolutionary concepts of not granting county workers automatic annual pay raises and asking said employees to actually pay for a fraction of their insurance - is nothing short of amazing, and clearly a positive sign.

Now, if only we can get JPG of Expert Witness to consider applying for Seattle Police Chief (a good bet to roll back years of political correctness, management driven by internal political infighting, poor interagency relationships, petty empire building, and a fair amount of political idiocy rammed down said departments throats) given the departure of the deeply unmissed Kerlikowske, one might actually become hopeful for the region - particularly if we ditch Mayor Nickels this fall.

JPG and a clueful Mayor might even dig Seattle out of the last 16 years of idiocy and mis-management.

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