Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Twelve Reasons I'll vote for McCain

1) He's not Barack Hussein Obama.
2) He's not from Chicago.
3) Jeremiah Wright was never his pastor for 22 years.
4) He's not married to Michelle Obama.
5) He actually has a chance of winning.
6) He's not a product of the Daley machine.
7) He hasn't thrown 9 close associates under the bus, claiming he "didn't really know them"
8) He's not violently opposed to the Second Amendment.
9) He's not likely to curse us with nationalized health care (See: Britain, NHS)
10) He can actually complete a sentence without a minimum of three "ummm, ahhhh, hmm"'s
11) We'll probably still have an economy after his first term.
12) He honestly doesn't give a damn about LGBT issues, as opposed to pretending to just enough to buy our votes.
13) He's not likely to nationalize the refineries. (How to make problem worse: Put gov't in charge)

1 comment:

Mike W. said...

Excellent list! While I'm no McCain fan, it seems obvious to me that sitting out or voting 3rd party may as well be a vote for Obama.