Saturday, June 7, 2008

Seattle Mayor to Defy State Law, bar CCW

I don't often use the limited "bully pulpit" a blog offers given my limited readership, but, dear readers, this one is just slightly important. I rec'd the below in an e-mail from Pink Pistols a few moments ago...identifying data has been snipped.

In breaking news today across all local media, it was announced that the Mayor of Seattle would bar concealed carry regardless of state license status on all city property in an announcement on Monday, June 9th.

It is suggested that comments be made to the city, and to local media (letters to the editor, etc) as soon as possible. Be polite, be knowledgeable, and be aware that the media will often choose to use your own quotes in a less than flattering fashion. Be sure to mention how this increases the risk of gay bashing in city parks and facilities, by ensuring that law-abiding gay folk are helpless in the face of the rising number of hate crime based assaults.


Seattle Times:
Seattle Post Intelligencer:

Revised Code of Washington (Pre-emption section re firearms)

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels: (206) 684-4000
Seattle City Council Member Tim Burgess: (206)684-8806
Sally Clark: (206) 684-8802
Richard Conlin: (206) 684-8805
Jan Drago: (206) 684-8801
Jean Godden: (206) 684-8807
Bruce Harrell: (206) 684-8804
Nick Licata: (206) 684-8803
Richard McIver: (206) 684-8800
Tom Rasmussen: (206) 684-8808

Write early, write often, write politely. Explore issues of city liability, civil rights violations (law abiding persons barred from city facilities), gay bashing, etc.

This case may undermine pre-emption (statutes barring cities and counties from each having their own weird gun laws, like Massachusetts) not only in Washington, but other states as well. I cannot urge you to communicate your misgivings strongly enough.

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