Saturday, September 22, 2007

Latest News

Things are better on a number of fronts - whilst I'm still on (conceivably somewhat infectious) from direct hospital visits, I am improving nicely due to the twin blessings of steroids and anti-virals in conquering the vast annoyance that is Bell's Palsy. Have most of my face back under my control now, and consider this a real benefit.

Dad is doing better, from reports - I'm hearing he's on the respirator part time while he's fighting off an infection, but despite a challenged swallow reflex and the tracheotomy, he is more alert and has better color than he has had in some time.

Off in the wonderful world of work, well, I'm learning lots and my eagerness to learn has gone a whole week without being a tight rope stretched across the the hallway for myself and other, more innocent sorts, to trip over and and do the concrete hug.

Presently, I'm re-exploring after some time away from it, basic linux bash scripting - or "how to make it all happen automagically" in relationship to some otherwise very tedious tasks that because of their scheduling and very tedium, tend to generate human error.

This week, things are looking up, and today I get to clean out the garage!! Wallrat and another friend will be over to help load and keep me out of trouble, and a trip to the dump will be made. And perhaps a trip to storage. And a barter trip with the rental van to pick up a futon for friend #2.

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qofd said...

Glad that you're doing better, especially with the work stuff and Bell's palsy. Geez!