Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Don't know quite what to do with this one - I just got the first blogvertisement/semi-spam, and I don't know if (just this once) I'll refrain from deleting it. I'm a sentimentalist, you see, and the product in question and some of its related IP tools were good friends of mine in my first IT kind of job - and while I'm mostly operating from the command line these days (there's just something warm and fuzzy and comforting about having it all out there in front of god and everyone where you can easily track back, step by step, error-hunting as opposed to the occasional "wtf did the client do" moment...command line enforces a certain precision), I remember the clients fondly and think that for folks who aren't either geeks or aspiring geeks, that gui clients that just make it all automagically happen, are just dandy...and sometimes even for geeks and geek wannabe's.

On other notes, I'm just not a drinker these days, so going out clubbing without good company rapidly grows boring at best and annoying at worst - particularly as I find I have less patience for the cliche's and the club bunnies with every passing year.

Dinner with a friend, good live music (I'm still trying to get to this blues club I've heard of down on the waterfront), and making the effort to try and think kindly of those as may, from time to time, annoy me as the years pass seems more satisfying these days than many of the other options out there.

Could be that maturity is setting in, or I've simply sinned with enough vigor and variety that in the immortal worlds of Lili von Schtupp ("Blazing Saddles") I'm just tired....

Lili von Schtupp - "I'm Tired"

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On the other hand, I did have a great weekend hanging out with a friend perhaps I'm not *entirely* grown up yet :)

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Lena said...

Sadly it says that the video in no longer available but I, too, don't really bother with drinking these days. I feel rotten after a few so I'd rather enjoy the plans alcohol free - I'm still young at heart though!