Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching Up...

Things have gotten a tad busy and/or I've been known to decline into "me go home now, fall down, go boom" level of directness when sufficiently tired - with necessary levels of crankiness employed to remove obstructions between myself and the corner I've chosen to fall down in. By mid-week, I was fairly direct and have largely remained thus.

Just about Tuesday, as I mentioned before, Dad made what we all hope will be his long term escape from ICU to his first therapeutic stop over at the Breathing and Extra Complicated Care Facility. Between one thing and another, he qualifies.

Thursday I got over to see Dad after work, and he was quite tired but was watching television. He is still getting accustomed to his tracheotomy tube, and in attempting to adjust it Thursday morning started some bleeding which took a bit to resolve, but finally cleared up.

I'm told that last night he made the trip to London on Hallucinatory Airlines and didn't get a wink of sleep, but apparently enjoyed himself. As I recall all too well, departing tedious reality when cooped up in a hospital can be a morale boost as well as offering recuperative benefits - given the choice between being miserable and mentally present, and miserable and off in happy-land, I'm pretty ok with folks visiting happy-land so long as it's not overdone and the return trip is properly scheduled.

However, after such an exhausting trip, Dad was quite tired today, and slept a good deal - however, the folks at the facility have had him sitting up for a couple of hours a day now, and taking a few walker assisted steps. Small, but significant progress.

This weekend is likely to be another busy one...I'm going to try and start a load of laundry before I hit the sack, but in addition to visiting Dad, there are a couple of ceilings calling out to me as needing painted, and with a couple of exceptions (mainly the keyboard and a trackball) I've got the pieces I need for a build of the machine itself, and the software has been ready for sometime.

Mom is tired, but mostly well. She is, of course, quite concerned about Dad - but the upshot is that she can now drive herself over to visit him without serious drive-related stress, and that's (I think) good for her, allowing a previously difficult level of independence for her, and more ability to set her own schedule without worrying about rides or cabs. We all have our good days and our bad days, but are bearing up.

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