Monday, August 13, 2007


The pay, at best, is adequate - but why do I like working IT, and particularly tech support roles?

It's the ah-ha moments. Almost as bad as politics, tobacco, whisky, gun shops, and cute guys the the "ah-ha" moment subtly addicts, as the momentary flare of triumph over tech and/or the forces of ignorance (and now and again, fear and stupidity) surges through ones veins and a sense of rightness with the Universe pervades - at much lower cost than most other such vices - hell, I get PAID to have these little triumphs.

Today I got several - I won't turn down a raise, should one come my way, but keep me in "ah-ha" moments and the occasional compliments, and I can stay happy for a fair amount of time before economic reality sets in.

Really must adjust that viewpoint. :)

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Helena said...

Paid for little triumphs...? Good on yah....!!