Friday, September 6, 2013

Gun Blogger Rendezvous Day II

One of the joys of this event , is how the excitement builds over the weekend as one attendee after another comes rolling in, turning up at random moments at one of the ranges or one of the meals. Newcomers are welcomed, and regulars that might only see each other in the flesh once a year (or less) renew friendships enthusiastically.

You know you need to get out to the range more often when you are getting tired after only 6 hours, no matter how good a time you might be having. My marksmanship fell apart today (just how tired am I, this early in GBR?), but on the other hand I got to shoot two of my own guns I'd never shot before (my second S&W 25-5 and my Ruger III), and a number of other folks guns.

Especially enjoyable  were Engineering Johnson's .32ACP Walther PPK and jazz era Stevens Scout .22. The Walther is real tack-driver and gentle on the hand, and the rolling block action Scout was a stout little sure shooter as long as you respected its age.

The flip side of other folks sharing guns (and ammunition, thank you Kevin!) was the opportunity to share my little collection with others - always fun. "Here! Try this!" can be even better than "Hey! That's COOL! Can I try shoot that??" The high point on that side was when National Champion and writer Molly Smith (who is simply scary good with a revolver) took a turn on my S&W 25-5. She had fun and I had the pleasure of watching one of my guns being wielded with far more skill and talent than I ever hope to bring to the firing line.

Beginning last night and continuing today I've had the privilege of introducing around the guys from (David, Dallas and Diego) as they got acquainted with "real, live bloggers." They and the team from OutWest lead me to believe that closer interaction between bloggers, activists and industry folks is made of win for *everyone* concerned.

I'll see if I can turn up pictures of our industry friends on the range.

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Great report, and good news!