Monday, May 20, 2013

So you say Gun-Blogging is dying/irrelevant....

I do believe the bloggers below would beg to disagree...
The Lawdog Files
Lurking Rhythmically
"Insert Witty Title Here"
A Girl & Her Gun
A Keyboard and a .45
Accept the Challenge
All Nine Yards
All You Really Need
Ambulance, Boomsticks, Coffee
American and Proud
American Mercenary
An NC Gun Blog
And I ask, whose paranoid are you?
Another Gun Blog
Armed and Safe
ARRA News Service
Bayou Renaissance Man
Big Gay Al's Big Gay (Gun) Blog
Black Man With A Gun
Bob’s Gun Counter
Brisket for Chucklehead
Cap’n Bob & the Damsel
Captain of a Crew of One
Cemetery Gun Blob
Christian Gun Owner
Classical Values
Cocked and Loaded
Cowboy Blob
Crime File News
Daddy Bears Den
Daly Gun Pictures
Days of Our Trailers
Don Mashak’s Winona County MN Free Press
Double Tapper
Dustin’s Gun Blog
Excels At Nothing
Fatale Abstraction
Free Thinker
Freedom is Just Another Word
Gay Patriot
Good Hill Press
Grouchy Old Cripple
Gun Nuts Media
Gun Pundit
Guns Holsters and Gear
Hell in a Handbasket
Home on the Range
In Jennifers Head
Jigsaw's Thoughts
Julie Golob: The Blog
Libertarian Leanings
Libertarian Punk
Looking Out Over The South Section
Lucky Gunner
Mad Saint Jack
Maddened Fowl
Mausers, Medicine, and Motorcycles
Monster Hunter Nation
Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated
Mr. Completely
Dave Kopel Website
Munchkin Wrangler
Mushy’s Moochings
My Gun Culture
N.U.G.U.N. - New Users of Guns
Near the Salty City
New Jovian Thunderbolt
Newbie Shooter
No Lawyers - Only Guns & Money
Nobody Asked Me
Of Arms & the Law
On a Wing & A Whim
PawPaw's House
Plumbum Et Circenses
Politics Guns and Beer
Push the Pull Door
Random Nuclear Strikes
Ride Fast
Sarge Charlie
Say Uncle
Scribbler's Scrawls
Seagulls & Guns
Self Defense: a basic human right
Shall Not Be Questioned
Sharp as a Marble
Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease
Suburban’s Domain
That Is Unpossible
The Adventures of RobertaX
The Ambulance Driver Files
The Anarchangel
The ClueMeter
The Conservative UAW Guy
The Daily Pundit
The Drawn Cutlass
The Firearm Blog
The Liberty Sphere
The Michael Bane Blog
The N.U.G.U.N. Blog
The Packing Rat
The Political Jungle
The Poor Farm
The Real Gun Guys
The Smallest Mintority
The Snubnose Files
The Squirrel Report
The Transmogrifier Files
The Truth about Guns
The View From North Central Idaho
The War On Guns
To Which I Replied
Traction Control
Tractor Tracks
True Blue Sam the Travelin’ Man
View from the Porch
Walls of the City
Weapon Blog
Weer'd Beard
Your Right Hand Thief
Shootin' The Breeze and other things…

A Geek with Guns
Recoil Magazine
The Armed Lutheran
Derek Ward Commentary & Wordsmithery


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Old NFO said...

Great list, and yes Erin needs to be added! :-)

AM said...

The great thing about this your is that it truly is a cross section of America.

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