Sunday, December 23, 2012

" The perfect is the enemy of the good" - Voltaire

Sebastian makes an excellent point - that as a community of gun owners and civil rights activists we are at war with an unprincipled and ruthless opponent for which no depth is too deep to sink to and no gutter is to foul in which to swim.

We don't get to have the idealized and perfect versions of the NRA or any other organization, or even the ones we might like better. We get the ones we have today - as they are - warts and all. The NRA, SAF, CCRKBA, GOA, JPFO, NAGR and the many other local/state/regional/national pro-gun groups we have today are what we get to take to war with us.

Our blood dancing opponents will not be pausing while we perfect the moral and philosophical positions of our organizations or while we stage leadership purges. If they are not going to wait for the bodies to cool, whyever would they wait for us to organize a coordinated opposition to their emotion-driven tragedy-exploiting irrational trespasses upon fundamental human rights?

We are, after all, dealing with folks who have openly declared a desire to do SOMETHING before emotions cool and people become rational again...and who have been utterly clear about their ultimate desire to "take them all" (Feinstein).

So. For now, if you are really serious about our rights and not having BATFE or some other agency show up on your doorstep to collect your guns...put the NRA-HATE and other divisiveness on the back burner till we're out of the gator-infested swamp with velociraptors around the borders.

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Old NFO said...

Well said GC. And on point sadly...