Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Having been all critical, it is now appropriate to look to the future.

Fundamentally, if you aren't willing to work at building a future, you should likely keep your yap shut in the presence of your betters. You may foul it up, you may get it wrong, you may even discover facets of your own sheer idiocy and your many and exciting personal flaws - but at least you've the courage and the commitment to TRY.

That said, once a good round of excoriation is gotten in - it is time to rebuild. It is yet to be determined whether rebuilding consists of a grand reform of the GOP or consigning the GOP to the dustbin of history alongside the Whig Party. The question of which is the superior choice is likely one that will be answered rather shortly.

But that is a grander question than most of us have before us. We can either double down on "let the wonks and the political geeks run things" or we can start organizing at the grass roots with an eye towards either taking over or replacing precinct, county, and state organizations. If the resistance is too great, we can fission off and endorse individual candidates.

The dirty little secret is that it's not that tough. Get a few like-minded sorts together and get together for either breakfast or a beer once a month (both at the same time is...seldom ideal). Make it an after-the-range snack, if you like. The key things are that it should be fun and regular.

Ask everyone to bring a friend, and about the time you hit 20 regulars? Split into two groups and start over. Meanwhile, have fun with it. Pass the hat for good causes. Maybe do a group activity or three. Hook up with another group if there's something similar in your area. Again, have fun with it.

You are having fun, but at the same time you are building a structure for 2014 and 2016. You are looking at each other to see who might be persuaded to run for office - either in general, or within the GOP...or perhaps you want to start a local political party like the Owl Party (or perhaps something more serious).

Think outside the box. After all, this is only the country and our freedoms we're talking about saving. But remember, if it's not fun - most folks won't be back for your next breakfast or beer session.

I haven't started this myself yet. January, I'm thinking. But this is where politics starts...a bunch of like minded folks sitting about kvetching and going on about how to do it better...until someone gets off their well-developed gluteus maximus and starts trying to make it better and drags their group of buddies along with to help them.


Ben C said...

Well said. A solid group can help support members in tough times, and share the celebration of the good ones. Building tribe will also be key if things fall apart before the next election.

I also have some four-letter type words for the "prove you are not a bot" test. On the 5th try now...


Anonymous said...

I think building new political party roots will work if this was a political party problem. If it was a
"we want free stuff" problem we may need to work on a broader scale. -BoydK