Sunday, April 8, 2012

Newbie Shooters

Took Mom to the range (Wades) for the first time on Saturday. Only got about 5 shots down range from her (combining panic attacks and firearms is a chancy thing, and pushing is *bad*)...but we rapidly discovered that DA revolvers were not her thing.

Arthritis in the hands, combined with a lack of confidence, defeated attempts at comfortable use of both double and single action fire out of the revolvers.

A quick switch to a Ruger MK III out of the rental counter was a huge help.

Now, the other issue Mom had - being startled by the loud gunfire of a larger caliber pistols in adjacent lanes at a busy range on a Saturday morning - I'm less certain of how to resolve.

Will look into the SPAA range and the range at West Coast Armory...see what else is out there..


Julie said...

well done on your mum for giving it a go ... get her some REALLY GOOD electronic muffs and let her wear ear plugs under them. That should help with the noise.

And yes, a semi-auto is kinder on the hands!

Anonymous said...

I can recommend West Coast Armory.
I've been going there for a few months, now.
Still going to have the issue of loud weapons in other lanes, but not much to be done for that.
-- ARRognlie

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Congrats on getting her to the range, and to her for being willing to try it!

A decent pair of electronic muffs will do wonders on the startlingly loud noises, and if you find ones that are comfortable enough to stay on all the time, the ability to talk and hear at all times (except right around the loud shots) makes life much better, too.

For all the scorn heaped on it, a Walther P22 is one of the very few guns I can hold up and use, as the recoil is negligible, like the ruger .22 revolver. (Personally, I find the grip on the Ruger Mark III awkward, but if she doesn't, that's awesome!)