Sunday, July 24, 2011

On the Debt Limit...

Default and be damned.

At some point, we are going have to face serious economic pain (more) because of the bad choices of arguably two (and certainly one) administration in running up debt in the form of "rescue" packages and healthcare packages (which, if we bothered to look *anywhere* abroad, have proven expensive at first and fiscally suicidal in the long term when run in either a single-payer or gov-mandated fashion if truly egalitarian and providing medical care at the level we currently have in the U.S.) that were and are predictably unsustainable, and this in the face of falling revenues due to an economic depression of a scale unseen since the Great Depression.

In other words, to be blunt, Pelosi-Reid under the so-called leadership of Obama either engaged in epic obliviousness to the point of delusional behavior, "progressive" fanaticism to the point of being completely out of touch with reality, maliciously conspired to undermine the United States, or are just plain dumb as rocks.

Which, in this instance, isn't particularly relevant. That they have well and truly screwed the fiscal pooch with such vigor that it will take generations to recover is beyond dispute.

Refusing to even debate the "Cut, Cap, & Balance" approach proposed by the House. Refusing to pass a *budget*, one of the fundamental responsibilities of any Congress. Enough.

Screw it. Bite the bullet. If Greece, can ride this out, so can we.

Enough already. Say no to Obama and his Chicago-esque thugs and cretins. Demand a budget. Demand a "no-new-revenue" cut/cap/balance approach. This kind of garbage must stop.

That Obama and his cronies refuse to even disclose what their default plan is, and effectively attempt to blackmail the nation with clumsily veiled threats to suspend social security checks, military paychecks, and such (when there's a WHOLE lot of government that you can whack before you start hurting the folks that are either in the line of fire or already screwed to a greater or lesser extent) is simply unutterably vile.

The only appropriate answers to an extortionist, phrased with more or less diplomacy, involves either active defiance or the decision to take them with you when you go. In this case, the fairly obvious choice is a succinct "fuck you, we're sticking to our guns".

Here's hoping the House GOP can do that, with or without Speaker Boehner. And any Democrats with both two (or more) neurons rubbing together and anything resembling ethics would be welcome to join the fun of trying to insist on responsible steps to limit further debt and reducing the size and scope of the federal government.

And no, we don't need an unelected and likely unconstitutional "super-Congress"... Link

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