Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A man with a gun....

visiting a state with infinitesimally less stupid per square inch in one small section of law, lawfully entered a gay bar Friday night and bought a friend several adult drinks, before accompanying friend to a second gay men where unusually handsome men of varying orientation and skill (and charm) demonstrated their ecsydysiastical skills in return for meaningful forms of direct recognition.

They were joined in similar activities on Saturday evening, despite the friends foot being attacked by a wandering hotel tub, by several benighted Canadian lads from the land of the PC and the home of severely limited freedoms who contributed to the exploration of yet further gay bars and general amusement.

Despite (or perhaps because of) being felt up by a very handsome and ecsydysiast, a good time was had by all (aside from attacks by bathroom appliances) with absolutely no shots fired, no panicked screams, nor emotional melt-downs.

Lawful bar carry. It's a nice thing.


Old NFO said...

Nice to hear the gun didn't jump out and do bad things... :-)

Julie said...

you sure that isn't a "ecdysiast" ;)

And here I was just going to award you the "word of the week" award.