Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corruption & Global Warming

From Smallest Minority, we get a reasoned dissent in the form of a resignation by a prominent physicist from the American Physics Society. One can but hope he, and other intellectually honest physicists, can form a society of honest scientists, since according to the scenario he portrays in his letter of resignation the APS certainly has lost that distinction.

Perhaps the Emperor might like a robe?


Old NFO said...

Dr. Lewis is one of the Old School Scientists and I use that term in great respect. For him to have made this public tells how deeply this has impacted him.

SCI-FI said...

The Emperor has no need of a robe so long as he has a coterie of sycophants and fanny-kissers who tell him - and us - that his robe is perfect. And the coterie exists so long as there are trillions of dollars in "greenwashing" corporations and families to buy new lightbulbs, different cars, and to endure new laws.