Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ah, here we go again..

Yet again, a blogger that posts an anti-gun screed (in this case, fairly mellow) resorts to using the delete key for comments that do not affirm their own viewpoint. Having run into this before, below is my un-moderated response to their original screed.

Now, without saying that it is in true in THIS case, I would say that in my limited experience, such use of the delete key usually indicates a certain intellectual cowardice.
UPDATE 1/15/09: In late-breaking news, the blogger in question first deleted the offending posts, and shortly after, his entire blog.

If we don't want to live in a society where "the biggest grunt with the best health wins all arguments", or the equally fun "whoever has the most brutal and uncivilized band of thugs wins" we logically are stuck with the presence of both a strong right of self-defense and the tools to equal up the odds should such misfortune arrive on ones doorstep.

There are demonstrably folks out there who will engage in a wide variety of violent activity against persons and property for an entire range of reasons - entertainment, "honor", financial gain, vengeance, insanity, or simple convenience in a psychopathic kind of way.

When faced with the possibility of house fires, most folks try to reduce the number of flammables in the area (reduce risk), buy some fire extinguishers (in case risk reduction fails), and trying to resist the urge to play with matches (cutting down on being knowingly stupid).

Now, it makes no more sense to make fun of our folks above that aren't eager to have their house burn down about them...than it does to make fun of folks that aren't excited about the opportunity to be assaulted, raped, beaten, murdered, and/or get molested in one fashion or another.

Such folks have made a choice to refrain from burying their heads in the sand and buying into the whole "it can't happen to ME" fallacy and take positive preventative action and plan for Murphy's law occasionally kicking in - and defeating prevention.

As an example, I'm an adult gay male of decidedly "not-a-delicate-flower" status. I'm 6'2", 260ish and once upon a time worked as a bouncer. I'm also blessed with asthma, a bum shoulder, and enough bulk that my preferred strategy after "being someplace the trouble isn't" of "run away, run away" has, in fact, done run off.

Run 25', fall down, and gasp does not impress me (or many other rational folk) as a particularly good fall-back strategy for "well, avoiding trouble just failed" kinds of situations.

Smiling and taking it also seems to have significant drawbacks, what with hospital bills and all.

I have, as a result, taken out a CPL some years ago, which I keep current. I normally have a firearm of some sort tucked about my person whilst out and about - not because I am seeking trouble, but because I'm aware that trouble seldom politely makes an appointment.

If other folks want to wallow in "can't happen to them", and pacifistic "oh, better I should die or be irretrievably maimed than fight back" memes...they are welcome to it.

For myself, I don't visit high crime areas I can avoid. I don't date the obviously "bad news" folks. I don't hang out with folks I consider an active risk. But I recognize, despite all my precautions...things happen. And I'd rather be prepared than victimized.


Anonymous said...

Asthmatics of America UNITE

I'm around 6'2" 220# and think that I might be able to take one middle age thug.

But like you my primary method of trouble avoidance may not always work. I'm often with my wife -- I know she can't run as fast as I can....even with my asthma.

Those that want to "wallow in it can't happen here" might be a little more convincing if the evidence was on their side. But it isn't.

Her comment about why we would want to take firearms some place so safe that people take their children shows a complete lack of awareness or semblance of reality.

I was dumbfounded that she refused to recognize there are predators who target children or target people dealing with children.

The twisted thinking of its safe because children are there bewilders me.

Great post sir. and why aren't you on my blog roll????? (question to myself...I'll rectify that)

Bob S. said...

That was me...fat fingering the enter key before adding my name and site

Fly To Your Dreams said...

Excellent post, and neatly capturing most of my own feelings on the subject. Just substitute bad knees for athsma. I recently got my CPL because if trouble ever finds me when I'm out and about, I want every chance I can get of making it home to my wife and kids.

Holly said...

Well said, Sir.

Old NFO said...

Damn, not only missed the post, I missed all the responses... it's now a 404 (not found)... I agree both in principal and in reality with your post. When the cops are NOT immediately available (99.9% of the time) it IS up to us to protect ourselves. I am NOT going to knowingly put myself in danger, but by the same token I have a CCW in case danger decides to come to me.