Sunday, December 27, 2009

Security Theatre 3.0 - Just Don't Fly

Dumbassery in play is, at best, cranky-making. Regrettably, the new (and only partially disclosed) TSA/FAA "We're the gov't, and we're here to help!" crowds new rules (after the old rules worked SO WELL).

So far, discovered new idiocy includes:

1) Increased Gate Screening - which has worked *so well* in the past after modified to meet standards of political correctness. What it *will* do is lengthen lines, impinge on individual dignity and privacy, and cause more and more folks to reconsider whether the hassle is worth the flight - either abandoning optional travel OR traveling by other means whenever practical.

2) Passengers forbidden to leave their seats for the last hour of flight time. Umm. Biology happens. Your choices is only WHERE excretion happens, after a certain point, rather than when/if. And given our societies taboo's, for good or ill, passengers may get quite forceful about being allowed access to restrooms...and equally creative in expressing their dismay.

3) Passengers forbidden to have items on their laps. Oh fun. Flight W/O something to distract me from idiots and howling children on board? I can't have my novel to read? Valium, here we sure to scoop me off at the destination.

And, I am sure, there is yet more undiscovered fun...

So, to summarize...I'm not flying anywhere unless there's a damned good reason and I don't have a better choice available. Blogorado or large sums of money would both be "good reasons"....the average vacation or a trip to Europe or Asia? Probably not. Wait a few years and see if the idiocy passes.

If enough folks decide the same way....the collapsing airlines may persuade the various petty empire builders that "king of the dustbin" isn't the title they are really seeking.


Old NFO said...

All I can say is this is gonna SUCK!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Happy to have the freedom to not use commercial air to put food on the table.