Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perchance something is going on..

The recent Monfort case, where the alleged perpetrator started out burning down police cars and escalated to a lethal ambush of police officers, killing one and injuring a second is, to put it mildly, a bit unusual in Washington.

This morning we have a second targeted ambush of police officers in Parkland, WA near Tacoma and the McChord Air Force Base/Ft. Lewis complex. Four officers were, according to early accounts, huddled around their laptops over assorted beverages at Forza Coffee. According to early reports, two armed individuals then burst in, shooting and killing the four officers. Local officials are currently describing this as a targeted killing.

Investigations continue.

Even as early as it is, and as certain as it is that more will come to light as the investigation continues, we can learn a few things from these recent tragedies - though I will gladly bow to the wisdom of those more knowledgeable than myself on such matters.

It seems to me that as private individuals we need to take note that, as the economy continues to tighten, that more individuals of greater desperation and ever less appreciation for consequences are running about loose attempting bad things to resolve their personal bad situations.

Further, many individuals, when things go south, have been spoon-fed the "oppressor-victim" tripe, and what is a symbol of authority in such a meme, but an oppressor?

In short, things are getting a bit frisky out, and likely to get moreso until the economy begins to improve. Stupid folks, making stupid choices, resulting in various levels of drama and tragedy are and will continue to increase in numbers until such time as prosperity returns to the land - which seems unlikely under the current administration.

With that in mind, upgrading situational awareness while hardening both ourselves and public servants as targets seems a meritorious project.

Be aware of what's around us, recall that a tool in a gun safe or on a nightstand isn't much use when YOU are at the bookstore or the coffee shop, and accept that no matter how good the police organization - they are not (and will not in the near term be) telepathic or precognitive, they have plenty to keep busy with, and that for the first few moments of a given incident..odds are, you will be *on your own*. Make choices accordingly.

As for hardening ourselves as targets - get training on shooting, defensive tactics, and how to avoid bad situations if you can find or afford it.

UPDATE: The shooter is apparently now deceased, after an unsuccessful encounter with a Seattle Police officer at approx. 0245 12/1/09.


Drang said...

If nothing else, this serves as a reminder that there are no magic talismans, that even cops (and soldiers!) can enter Condition White.

Once again, am rather disgusted by the way the media wallow in the tragedy and the gore. "Here are the tea roses left as a memorial to the officers..."

Old NFO said...

Get into the Condition Orange mindset- Be ready to react, as it just 'may' save your life... Especially in the current environment. Range time is a good time to work on those 'little' things.