Monday, April 7, 2008

Uncle Risks

Last Tuesday, it being spring break and all, I took a day from job hunting and my Mom and I took the nieces out for a day - Mom's biggest outing since Dad passed away.

We had a grand time, starting out with Niece The Younger at Pike Place Market w/ hot cocoa at the Tully's out at the North end of affairs, meandering through the market, and then having piroshky (a delightful Russian pastry filled with meats/veggies/spices/cheeses) for lunch with "monster cookies" baked fresh at the Market for dessert, followed by rushing off to pick up Elder Niece from band camp before catching a showing of "Spiderwick" downtown.

For a youth-aimed film, Spiderwick was a welcome relief from the typical sugary leftist pap commonly ground out by the entertainment industry. With a plot, conflict, good vs. evil, and a fun set of's surprising it comes from Hollywood.

Wednesday I woke sick as a dog, and thus the dearth of blogorama - I don't do my best work when running a fever, and given the levels of snark I achieve under such circumstances, it is usually best I avoid keyboards for the duration.

Am feeling somewhat better today, but recovery remains an ongoing project. Niece the Elder has already come out the far side of this crud, so I am hopeful I will as well.

Thank y'all for your patience, and I hope to be blogging more regularly right soon.

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