Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bad blogger, Bad!

What with one thing and another, things have been a bit busy around here, to the point that blogging has fallen off in favor of sleep and the occasional episode of House, Boston Legal, or Shark (which requires little in the way of creativity beyond the occasional evil giggle).

My apologies for not being more prolific, and I will now subject you to several blurbs to catch you up in my wonderfully weird world - and then I shall rush off to do errands.

First off, and most recently, I recently returned from Memphis, TN and a training seminar there - I didn't get out much (I didn't rent a car this trip, depending on the hotel shuttle), so cannot wax either rhapsodic or derisive regarding the local club scene, but I can testify there are a whole bunch of wonderful barbecue joints down there - I specifically hit Corky's (more touristy) and Germantown Commissary (less touristy, and OMIGAWD good).

My CPL was good there, so as soon as was practical once I departed the "forbidden zone", the Keltec P32 re-entered my array of disaster resolution tools that I tote about. Something about Memphis being declared the murder capitol of the United States (the talk of the town while I was there).

There did appear to be a fair number of exceptionally well publicized murders in the local media, and a fair amount of controversy about the local mayoral election.

Good flights both ways, and a minimum of TSA silliness.

All in all, a pleasant and educational venture.

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Lena said...

No need to apologise, life does tend to get in the way at times - at least you've left a good read on your return!